A Short And Meaningful History Of Twin Labs Corporation

Twin Labs came into life in 1968 when it was founded by David Blechman using his 20 years of experience in pharmaceuticals to create and sell a protein supplement in liquid form. The company was started in a garage and was named Twinlab, in honor of the two twin children of the couple. The Twin Labs amino fuel and other products became a huge success, allowing the business to branch out into a wider range of health supplements such as vitamins, herbs, minerals and teas during the eighties. At present, twin lab products such as Twin Labs ripped fuel are sold in 104 outlets throughout the United States.


Since it was founded, the brand became a leader in high performance and innovative wellness and health products such as the Twin Labs cod liver oil and the Twin Labs protein supplements. In addition, the corporation also markets the following brands:

  • Metabolife – a complete line of energy and diet products
  • Alvita Teas – became the first herbal tea in the country in 1922
  • Nature’s Herbs – a comprehensive line of phytonutrients and herbs

The plant of Twin Labs is located in American Fork in Utah. It is a GMP and NSF registered facility that produces, packages and distributes more than a thousand high quality products. The program of the NSF verified that the Twinlab plant complies with the strict international guidelines for independent registration process that include manufacturing process and facilities inspections as well as reviews.  The facilities comply with the highest verification process that includes constant monitoring through a couple of facility inspections done every year.

The company has a facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan that is dedicated to research and development while its corporate headquarters can be found in New York, New York. At present Twin Labs products are sold in more than 55 countries all over the world and can be found under the following categories:

  • Bariatric Support

This is a comprehensive dietary supplement program that was designed by the company to address the particular needs of those who have undergone bariatric surgery. Products under this category uses convenient delivery forms filled with nutrients that are digested and absorbed easily by the body. It also supports maximum utilization and absorption of nutrients.

  • Prenatal And Children’s Nutrition

This category supports the right nutrition for your children to put them on the path towards good wellbeing.

  • Sports and Fitness

Products in this category help athletes perform optimally. Nutritional products from Twin Labs help power countless athletes from all over the globe.

  • Weight Management

You can maximize your weight management efforts with the use of Twin Lab products, which are designed to promote healthy loss of weight and keep your weight management plan on the right track.

  • Daily Nutrition

The right nutrition is vital in maintaining your body at its peak. With the products from Twin Labs, you can ensure that your body is getting all the nutrients that your body needs.

  • Specialty Supplements

These supplements provide support for the eyes, heart, joints and other essential functions of the body.